These really are our most frequently asked questions! Please let us know if yours is not covered here...

1. What is the difference between steam cleaning and Chem-Dry?
Chem-Dry's low-moisture system means fast dry times and no risk of damage to your carpet and underlay. The Chem-Dry cleaning system, based on carbonation, is highly effective in stain removal while leaving no soapy or sticky residues in your carpet. Even our hot carbonating extraction is a low pressure clean, which means your carpets will be safe!

2. Does 'Chem'-Dry mean you use chemicals? Is it dangerous?
Chem-Dry's primary product 'The NaturalTM' is safe and non-toxic. As our products leave no sticky, dirt-attracting residues you can be sure your carpets will be clean and safe for you, your family and your pets. While we include deodorising at no extra charge, we don't have to use it. Please do let your technician know if you are sensitive to smells.

3. How long until I can walk on my carpets?
You can walk on them straight away, but it is always best to wait until they are completely dry, if possible. You can expect them to be dry in around 1-2 hours after our technician leaves you. Upholstery is usually dry in around 3-4 hours in an environment with good air flow and ventilation. Colder areas such as the hills can sometimes take a little longer, especially in colder weather.

4. Do I have to move out all the furniture?
We ask that you move the smaller things that you can easily manage, such as side tables, plants, dining chairs. Items such as lounge suites and dining tables we can slide as we go. Large items that are rarely moved, such as heavy bookcases, pianos or TV entertainment units are best left in position and we'll clean around them. Our technicians are very helpful and will always do what they reasonably can to assist.

5. How long will the cleaning take to do?
Of course this depends on how much carpet there is and how clear you have been able to make the area, but as a guideline, 2 rooms could be cleaned in around 45 minutes, 6 rooms might take up to 2 hours. Specialist stain removal work is charged per half hour accordingly. A fabric lounge suite will generally take around 2 hours and takes a little longer to dry, around 3-4 hours. For tile and grout cleaning it's probably best to allow a couple of hours per room as the process is a bit more involved.

6. What else do I have to do?
You will need to make sure that the electricity is on at the property, and it is best (although not always essential) if we can have access to a hot water supply. You don't need to pre-vacuum because we will always do that. It is a good idea for you to vacuum at least once a week as a general rule to take care of your carpets in between cleans. Do try to get to those edges! One more thing to consider - our cleaning system is safe for pets, but pets aren't always safe for our technicians. Most pets, no matter how placid and loving, may be alarmed by a stranger entering their home, so please ensure your pets are restrained. Last, but not least, we do require payment on the day. We can accept cash, cheque and all major credit cards.

7. Is that your best price?
We charge an honest price for our best work. Our margins are not high so please don't be disappointed if you ask for a discount and the answer is no. It also won't be cheaper for cash, we pay our tax! We understand that money is important and so too is being ethical, lawful and insured.

8. What is Chem-Dry?

Chem-Dry Australia is the parent company in Sydney which supplies all 7 Adelaide metro independent franchisees with chemicals and equipment. The Chem-Dry cleaning system originated in the US and has its own dedicated chemistry team for product development and quality control. Atlas Chem-Dry is one of Adelaide's independent franchisees using the Chem-Dry cleaning method. Don't ever think you are calling a 'central' business in Adelaide as we are all independently owned and operated franchises. The name 'Atlas' is what distinguishes us from other Chem-Dry franchises.

9. Anything not covered? 
If you have any other questions that are not covered here, please email us or fire away on our Facebook
wall and we'll be only to happy to answer you. Our page is monitored during our business hours. We also have more testimonials in the Notes and Reviews areas of our page so you can be confident that we will take good care of you too.

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Service Areas
Atlas Chem-Dry is based in Kilburn, previously in Prospect, but we clean carpet, upholstery, tile, vinyl and rugs throughout the Adelaide metro area, from Cross Road in the south to Mawson Lakes and Golden Grove in the north. Our vans will come to you. Call us on 8269 2626.

Are we servicing your area? A quick search for your suburb, listed here alphabetically (or type Ctrl-F and search for your postcode) will let you know!

Atlas Chem-Dry is cleaning carpet, upholstery, tiles, vinyl and rugs in the following suburbs:
If yours is not listed, please let us know and we'll do our best to find a franchise near you!

Suburb                PostCode
Adelaide                 5000
Adelaide Airport         5950
Adelaide University      5005
Albert Park              5014
Alberton                 5014
Allenby Gardens          5009
Angle Park               5010
Ashford                  5035
Ashton                   5137
Athelstone               5076
Athol Park               5012
Auldana                  5072
Banksia Park             5091
Basket Range             5138
Beaumont                 5066
Beulah Park              5067
Beverley                 5009
Birkenhead               5015
Black Forest             5035
Blair Athol              5084
Blair Athol West         5084
Bowden                   5007
Broadview                5083
Brompton                 5007
Brooklyn Park            5032
Burnside                 5066
Camden Park              5038
Campbelltown             5074
Carey Gully              5144
Castambul                5076
Cavan                    5094
Cheltenham               5014
Cherryville              5134
Clarence Park            5034
Clearview                5085
College Park             5069
Collinswood              5081
Cowandilla               5033
Croydon                  5008
Croydon Park             5008
Croydon Park South       5008
Dernancourt              5075
Devon Park               5008
Dry Creek                5094
Dudley Park              5008
Dulwich                  5065
Eastwood                 5063
Enfield                  5085
Enfield Plaza            5085
Erindale                 5066
Ethelton                 5015
Evandale                 5069
Everard Park             5035
Exeter                   5019
Export Park              5950
Fairview Park            5126
Felixstow                5070
Ferryden Park            5010
Findon                   5023
Firle                    5070
Fitzroy                  5082
Flinders Park            5025
Forest Range             5139
Forestville              5035
Frewville                5063
Fulham                   5024
Fulham Gardens           5024
Fullarton                5063
Gepps Cross              5094
Gilberton                5081
Gilles Plains            5086
Gillman                  5013
Glandore                 5037
Glanville                5015
Glen Osmond              5064
Glenside                 5065
Glenunga                 5064
Glynde                   5070
Glynde Plaza             5070
Golden Grove             5125
Golden Grove Village     5125
Goodwood                 5034
Grange                   5022  Greenacres               5086
Greenhill                5140
Gulfview Heights         5096
Hackney                  5069
Hampstead Gardens        5086
Hazelwood Park           5066
Heathpool                5068
Hectorville              5073
Hendon                   5014
Henley Beach             5022
Henley Beach South       5022
Highbury                 5089
Highgate                 5063
Hillcrest                5086
Hilton                   5033
Hilton Plaza             5033
Hindmarsh                5007
Holden Hill              5088
Hope Valley              5090
Horsnell Gully           5141
Houghton                 5131
Hyde Park                5061
Ingle Farm               5098
Inglewood                5133
Joslin                   5070
Kensington               5068
Kensington Gardens       5068
Kensington Park          5068
Kent Town                5067
Kent Town                5071
Keswick                  5035
Keswick Terminal         5035
Kidman Park              5025
Kilburn                  5084
Kilburn North            5084
Kilkenny                 5009
Kings Park               5034
Klemzig                  5087
Kurralta Park            5037
Largs Bay                5016
Largs North              5016
Leabrook                 5068
Linden Park              5065
Lockleys                 5032
Lower Hermitage          5131

Magill                   5072
Magill North             5072
Magill South             5072

Suburb                  PostCode
Malvern                    5061
Manningham                 5086
Mansfield Park             5012
Marble Hill                5137
Marden                     5070
Marleston                  5033
Marryatville               5068
Mawson Lakes               5095
Maylands                   5069
Medindie                   5081
Medindie Gardens           5081
Mile End                   5031
Mile End South             5031
Millswood                  5034
Modbury                    5092
Modbury Heights            5092
Modbury North              5092
Montacute                  5134
Mount Osmond               5064
Myrtle Bank                5064
Nailsworth                 5083
Netley                     5037
Newport                    5015
Newton                     5074
North Adelaide             5006
North Haven                5018
North Plympton             5037
Northfield                 5085
Northgate                  5085
Norton Summit              5136
Norwood                    5067
Norwood South              5067
Novar Gardens              5040
Oakden                     5086
Osborne                    5017
Ottoway                    5013
Outer Harbor               5018
Ovingham                   5082
Para Hills                 5096
Para Hills West            5096
Para Vista                 5093
Paracombe                  5132
Paradise                   5075
Parkside                   5063
Payneham                   5070
Payneham South             5070
Pennington                 5013
Peterhead                  5016
Plympton                   5038
Pooraka                    5095
Port Adelaide              5015
Port Adelaide BC           5015
Prospect                   5082
Prospect East              5082
Prospect West              5082
Queenstown                 5014
Redwood Park               5097
Regency Park               5010

Regency Park               5942
Renown Park                5008
Richmond                   5033
Ridgehaven                 5097
Ridleyton                  5008
Rose Park                  5067
Rosewater                  5013
Rosewater East             5013
Rosslyn Park               5072
Rostrevor                  5073
Royal Park                 5014
Royston Park               5070
Seaton                     5023
Seaton North               5023
Sefton Park                5083
Semaphore                  5019
Semaphore Park             5019
Semaphore South            5019
Skye                       5072
St Agnes                   5097
St Georges                 5064
St Morris                  5068
St Peters                  5069
Stepney                    5069
Stonyfell                  5066
Summertown                 5141
Surrey Downs               5126
Taperoo                    5017
Tea Tree Gully             5091
Tennyson                   5022
Teringie                   5072
The Levels                 5095
The University Of Adelaide 5005
Thebarton                  5031
Thorngate                  5082
Toorak Gardens             5065
Torrensville               5031
Torrensville Plaza         5031
Tranmere                   5073
Tranmere North             5073
Trinity Gardens            5068
Tusmore                    5065
Underdale                  5032
Unley                      5061
Unley BC                   5061
Unley Park                 5061
Upper Hermitage            5131
Uraidla                    5142
Vale Park                  5081
Valley View                5093
Vista                      5091
Walkerville                5081
Walkley Heights            5098
Waterfall Gully            5066
Wattle Park                5066
Wayville                   5034
Welland                    5007
West Beach                 5024
West Croydon               5008
West Hindmarsh             5007
West Lakes                 5021
West Lakes Shore           5020
West Richmond              5033
Windsor Gardens            5087
Wingfield                  5013
Woodforde                  5072
Woodville                  5011
Woodville Gardens          5012
Woodville North            5012
Woodville Park             5011
Woodville South            5011
Woodville West             5011
Wynn Vale                  5127
Yatala Vale                5126

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